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Affirmation Scotland was birthed ten years ago.  This year the organisation will wind up – though the work of transforming the Church into a Christ like community of radical welcome and love will go on – and must go on!

 Our final AS flourish will be ‘Praying for An Inclusive Church’ – our act of worship at The General Assembly of The Church of Scotland:  Sunday 22 May, at 7.30 pm, in St. Andrew's and St George's West, George Street, Edinburgh.

 Since it was announced that AS was winding up a number of messages have been received.  Here are some excerpts (and we trust that the authors don’t mind being quoted anonymously.)

  • “A lot has changed in 10 years: quite remarkable.  I still think that there is some way to go - but do think that we will get there.  Hopefully, it will not be another 10 years before equal marriage is considered acceptable - or until LGB (T could take a little longer) clergy are required to be subject to special treatment upon their election to a congregation.”
  • “AS is / has been a distinctive, vibrant, and very necessary voice during some stormy times.”
  • “l agree that much has changed in the Kirk and wider society …. Affirmation Scotland has provided a supportive pastoral space for many in recent years. It has also held out hope, by its existence, to countless others.”
  • “I think it has done a great job in bringing congregations like ours to confront the fact that our welcome to the LGBT community has to be explicit, but this issue is now sufficiently in the mainstream of church thought and discussion that it can be pursued by other methods than a dedicated pressure group.”
  • “My concern with AS going would be that the website stuff was invaluable and there must be a lot of churches still playing catch up ….”
  • “I am the only one who is feeling sad about Affirmation Scotland coming to an end...?  Of course I understand fully the reasons , things have and are changing and perhaps it is time for a slightly different form of Christian witness.”
  • “AS has done sterling work in advancing the cause …. It will be hard to imagine the scene without AS, many thanks to all who have staffed or promoted AS. You have all helped to make society better.”

These are heartening thoughts, showing awareness of how church and society have changed but also of the work still needing to be done. 

This website will cease to function on 12 May 2016.  The AS Facebook page will continue to be a forum for sharing ideas, concerns, asking questions and posting news and information.  The Affirmation Scotland Resource pack will be available there.  Our apologies to those of you who do not use this social media platform.

I do hope that Affirming Congregations will go from strength to strength: in many respects the baton is being passed to them – but they are not solitary voices crying in the wilderness: there are many other congregations, not displaying the AS logo, who have an ethos of inclusion and welcome. 

The greater challenge to the church – and not just The Church of Scotland – is creating ways of making the story of Jesus heard and understood in today’s world. 

Congregations which make real that story – a story of hope bursting out of despair; communities where humanity and divine mystery touch – these will be  human places where lgbtqi people do find respect and dignity as beloved of God. 

On Sunday 22 May, when we Pray for An Inclusive Church, the congregation will be invited to say therse words:

O wildly inclusive Creator and Lover of your
whole beautiful rainbow of humanity,
thank you for giving us life, for redeeming our lives,
and empowering us to live!



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